Finding Creativity

In order to share good content, one must have a good flow of creativity. Whether it be traveling, drinking a London Fog tea latte at Starbucks or meeting a really cool person, it has to come from somewhere. I noticed that my creative spikes occur when I’m in bed and I am on the verge of falling asleep with my phone in my hand or right when I wake up without an alarm. I’m currently in a Sheraton in Tampa, post workout and lazily but not regrettably laying in my bed. I’ve turned 24 and since then I have been either on the go or sick. My mind has been too cluttered to write. Even my journal hasn’t been touched in weeks. 

I caught the sick bug on a layover in Honolulu during Valentine’s Day where poor JJ was nursing me back to health instead of hiking or exploring the island. But he’s a champ. I never thought we would be where we are – seven years deep into an on and off relationship but completely in love. It took seven years for me to finally know in my heart that I want to marry this guy. My heart feels incomplete without him near me and I get butterflies when we talk about our future travels together. This love will eventually make it into more posts in the future. 

People say that good writing originates from despair. I say that’s not true. Any emotion, whether it be sadness or love or curiosity or confidence can create beautiful words. I am not saying that I’m some amazing writer but I used to think that darkness is the best creative juice. This post is basically just a few paragraphs of my thoughts and rambles but it’s also a reminder that you can be happy and still want to write. 


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