[Video] #badashtravelsParis

Bonjour, baddies.

My little recap of some of the things my friend, Julian, and I did in Paris. Although I was unable to feel the inspiration from the spirits of 1920’s Expats such as Fitzgerald and Hemingway, I was thoroughly impressed by the beauty and modernism that the City of Light has to offer. I did reach my lifelong dream (since the Moulin Rouge movie) of trying Absinthe and in no way did I hallucinate -just ended up with a bad taste of licorice and an expensive tab.


How much I spent

  1. Lodging: Airbnb in Montmartre $242 for 3 Nights
  2. Transportation: Uber $58.62 Train $2.01
  3. Food & Drinks: $226.42
  4. Gifts, book, APC jeans: $122.39
  5. Debit Transaction Fees: $6.34

I learned that Paris is a walking town and all of those Uber fees were unnecessary. So I suggest that you get some walking shoes and take the train if you do decide to go. I think where we stayed was a steal because we ended up dividing it in half. As far as food goes, it is pretty pricy over there so you should go in expecting to spend as much as your stomach tells you. Upon looking at my money break down, I did not drink as much as I expected to so that is pretty surprising. But overall, I enjoyed my time, wish I did more and cannot wait to go back in the Summer time!

Bisou, travel baddies. XO


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    1. Thanks, love!! ❤


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