Coffee x Travel Talk with Coast to Costa

Last week, I had the great pleasure of meeting an inspiring individual who founded his own travel tour business, who has a weird fascination for white vans (I’m not talking about Damn Daniel, back at it again Vans), and who recommends the best coffee-order the New Orleans. Andrew Tyree and I met at The Blue Bottle Café in downtown Los Angeles after I heard him speak at the General Assembly x Bunch panel a couple of weeks ago. Andrew is not your average tour guide from Los Angeles. He is a hustler, knows Mexico, Cuba, and Spain like the back of his hand, speaks Spanish fluently, and is an all-around approachable guy. What more could you ask for in a tour guide?

He and his wife run Coast to Costa together and take about 15 travelers from LA to extravagant trips in Spanish speaking countries. Upcoming trips (click here for prices) consist of Cuba on March 17-23, Baja California on April 2-3, and Cuba again on April 17-23. If you want to learn how to roll a cigar in Cuba or go wine tasting in Baja for Spring Break then this is definitely where you can learn to #livelikealocal.

If you are considering going to Cuba or you don’t want to self-inflict FOMO on yourself, there will be a travel meet up in DTLA today at Las Perlas (Click Here for Info). This is a great way to meet fellow travelers in LA and to get some insight on Cuba – this year’s destination hot spot (I’m pretty sure it is).

It is so inspiring to meet someone who had a dream and just went for it. Three years into building this awesome business, he not only gets to travel himself but he gets to teach others how to travel and immerse into a different kind of culture.

Some Coast to Costa travel advice from Andrew

            Say yes to stuff. Be willing to change your plans. Meet people. Traveling solo is so much fun because it teaches you to break out of your bubble after you’ve gotten a couple of trips under your belt.

If you are ever in doubt, just buy the ticket. If you do not have all the money you think you need, just book the ticket and you will find a way to save up for later. It always works out!

Be open to traveling locally. It gets you accustomed to seeing and learning new things. No matter where you are, there is always someplace new to explore.

Be sure to check out and Instagram to plan out your next adventure and meet one of the coolest dudes in LA.

¡Hasta luego, amigos!

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