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#Badashtravels travels through the mind and everyday motions of a travel baddie, hardworking individual. Here you’ll find travel, fashion, interviews, event recaps and anything bad ash.

Ashley Renee is a flight attendant by day and an aspiring publicist by night. Her roots as a flight attendant began in Brooklyn, New York and now she is back to eating Filipino food with her family in Southern California. Her hobbies consist of collecting vinyls, going to plays, drinking coffee and going on adventures. She is learning how to be a 20-something year old with high-tide responsibilities. Her journey is teaching her how to let her hair down and “live” (in moderation of course). This blog is more of a reminder to herself to actually stop and smell the roses, to appreciate what life has to offer and to take the negative with a grain of salt.

Ashley’s head was always in the clouds and her body eventually followed after her with her new job as a flight attendant based out of LAX. Ashley obsessed over the show Pan-Am and always knew that there was more to life than being stuck in the community bubble she called home. As ambitious as she was, she applied and got the job in September 2013 where she endured the non-paid and tedious training in Dallas for two months. After graduation, she moved to Brooklyn, New York and experienced three seasons there, the Polar Vortex winter being one of the top five worst winters in New York history.

She is the Public Relations Coordinator for an art collective in Downtown Santa Ana, CA called  Konsept where she promotes a pool of artistic folk ranging from artists and designers to videographers and photographers. Her job consists of aiding in the event logistics, alerting the media and focusing on the tiny details. She began her career here in June 2013 and since then hosted two fashion shows.

Ashley also does PR for The Feels around Orange County which is a non-profit music collective that gives back to the community and holds events every month.

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Contact Email: badashtravels@gmail.com

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